Mistakes to avoid if you’re renting in NYC for the first time.

Mistake №1: Insufficient funds

Mistake №2: Missing Paperwork

  • Government-issued photo ID (a clear picture from your phone is best)
  • Letter of employment; or offer letter; or from a CPA if self-employed that states your annual income
  • Three most recent bank statements (summary pages only)
  • Three most recent pay stubs
  • Two most recent tax returns (first two pages only)
  • Application fee, which is limited to $20 per person(non-refundable)
  • Current landlord reference letter (if available, or explain if no prior rentals)
  • Renters insurance (sometimes required)
  • Refundable security deposit (limited to the equivalent of one month’s rent).

Mistake №3: No credit history/Not having a good credit

Mistake №4: Unrealistic expectations



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